Women Of Endeavor – 6 Inspiring Stories from Our Global Network

We celebrate women entrepreneurs every day, and March is a great moment to remind ourselves of their accomplishments. Not just because we’re celebrating the International Women’s Day, or because spring is a force to be reckoned with very much like the women entrepreneurs we know.

But also because we’d love to be a part of a more inclusive and diverse world of high impact entrepreneurs, which for us at Endeavor Romania starts with acknowledging the success of the inspiring women in our network.

This is why we’ve gathered the collective wisdom of some of the most inspiring women entrepreneurs in our network.

Linda Rottenberg – Co-Founder, CEO Endeavor Global

Starting with Linda Rottenberg, co-founder and CEO of Endeavor, who is celebrated as a pioneer in social entrepreneurship, connecting promising startups in emerging markets with critical mentorship and support. Her work has contributed to significant job creation and sustainable economic growth globally, blending capitalism and philanthropy​​. Her unswerving belief in the power of this field to effect profound change is the driving force behind Endeavor.

But before being one of the most known professionals in the ecosystem, before co-founding Endeavor and becoming a best selling author, Linda Rottenberg was called “la chica loca” for a long while, for her belief that high impact entrepreneurs exist in emerging markets and have the power to drive entire verticals forward through their work. Nothing short of a visionary, she believes that:

“You can’t rock the boat without being told you’re off your rocker. Entrepreneurs’ greatest asset is their contrarian way of thinking, their tendency to zig when others zag, to go in a new direction. But many people don’t give themselves permission to get going for fear that they will be called crazy. I say not only is crazy a compliment, but if you’re not called crazy when you start something new, then you’re not thinking big enough!”

When talking about Romania and our journey so far, she said that:

“We are so excited about the early progress of Endeavor Romania. We couldn’t be prouder of our first Endeavor Entrepreneurs from FintechOS and DRUID AI and I know there are dozens of future Ui Paths waiting to be unleashed.” 

Hande Cilingir – CEO, Insider

Founded in 2012 in Turkey, Selected as Endeavor Entrepreneur in 2014.

Co-founder and CEO of Insider, Hande, one of the very few woman-founded, women-led B2B SaaS unicorns in the world, has carved a niche in the global tech landscape with her work. With a prestigious educational background from the London School of Economics and Shanghai Normal University, Hande’s entrepreneurial journey began with a successful exit from a Language School venture, leading to the inception of Insider.

Her international experience across various continents has equipped her with the expertise to spearhead Insider’s global growth, making it a leader recognized by analysts and loved by customers in the industry – AI-native customer experience and marketing platform. Recognized as a top woman entrepreneur by Microsoft and a leading woman CEO by Crunchbase, Hande’s commitment to innovation, culture, and technology development has positioned Insider at the forefront of the martech space. Her story speaks to the power of visionary leadership and relentless pursuit of excellence in deep tech and AI.

“The numbers do not lie. Female-founded companies account for under 3% of venture capital funding deals involving AI. Women make up only 28% of leadership positions in the Customer Experience industry globally. When we started Insider, we not only sought to create a product company, but to build the most socially progressive technology community in the world. That’s why we started with ourselves – to prove that it was possible to create a woman-founded, woman-led company in AI and deep tech — from any part of the world. Women hold 70% of our leadership roles, and we are one of the few predominantly women-owned B2B SaaS companies. Because women matter. Representation matters. Diversity breeds inclusive and equitable policies, societies, and products. One of the things that still resonates from my conversation with President Barack Obama is that the presence of women leads to higher performance and better outcomes – from boardrooms to classrooms. Companies with women on their boards tend to perform better on the stock market. Societies that educate girls and give women the opportunity to participate in decision-making are more successful societies as a result. When diverse perspectives and voices are brought to the table, it leads to more innovation, more inclusivity, more equity, and better outcomes for organizations, shareholders, customers – and society, as a whole.”

Linda Anggrea – CEO, Buttonscarves

Founded in 2016 in Indonesia , Selected as Endeavor Entrepreneur in 2023.

Linda Anggrea, the CEO and Founder of Buttonscarves, part of Modinity Group, has made significant waves in the fashion industry, particularly in hijab fashion, since founding the company in 2016. She’s had a remarkable journey from a participant in the first batch of Endeavor Scale Up to a high-impact entrepreneur with global aspirations. Her insight into Indonesia’s fashion market has not only revitalized hijab fashion with fresh styles but also positioned her for further international success. Linda’s achievement reflects her potential to put Indonesian fashion on the map, promising exciting future contributions to the Endeavor community and beyond.

“Being a part of the Endeavor network has not only amplified my vision but also reinforced my belief in the transformative power of women in business. As a woman founder, I’ve learned that our unique perspectives and resilience drive innovation and create inclusive opportunities for growth. Endeavor’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship has been a pivotal part of my journey, empowering me to lead with confidence and inspire the next generation of women leaders. Real strength is found not in our dreams, but in the actions we choose to pursue. It’s the bold steps we take towards realizing those dreams that carve our path in the entrepreneurial world.”

Costantza Sbokou Constantakopoulou – CEO, Phāea Resorts


Hailing from Crete, she embodies the essence of Greek hospitality and innovation in her role as President of Phāea. With a solid background in architecture from NTUA and Harvard GSD, she has significantly impacted Greece’s luxury tourism through her leadership in Phāea, her strong presence at TEMES, and her active role in various cultural and policy-making bodies.

Costantza’s journey from spearheading major hospitality construction projects to actively engaging in the cultural sphere, along with her involvement in the sector of fashion design, reflects her commitment to enriching the Greek authentic experience, elevating Greek tourism beyond traditional perceptions. Her visionary approach positions her as a key figure in the dynamic landscape of the country’s tourism sector.

“Three key ingredients pave the way to success: passion, persistence, and a problem-solving mindset. When pursuing your goals, do not surrender in the face of failure; see failures as stepping-stones, seek solutions to overcome challenges, stay positive and always look forward!”

Leila Velez, Beleza Natural ( currently founder of Curl Lab)

Founded in 1993 in Brazil, Selected as Endeavor Entrepreneur in 2005.

Leila Velez, another visionary entrepreneur from the slums of Rio de Janeiro, co-founded Beleza Natural salons with a mission to cater to the underserved beauty needs of Afro-Brazilian women. Starting with a single salon and a homemade formula for curly hair, Velez grew her business into a national success, boasting over 4,000 employees and revenues surpassing $100 million. Committed to social impact, Beleza Natural empowers employees and clients alike, promoting self-esteem and providing professional opportunities for many, particularly single mothers.

Talking about Endeavor and her experience, she said that:

“Endeavor changed my life in ways I couldn’t possibly imagine. I thank Endeavor for what I became as a person and for the development I was able to implement in my business”.

Tania Zapata, Co-founder and CEO of Bunny Studio

Founded in 2012 in Colombia, Selected as Endeavor Entrepreneur in 2013.

Tania Zapata, CEO at Bunny Studio, stands as a model of innovation and entrepreneurship. Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Tania’s journey from voiceover artist to tech entrepreneur encapsulates her versatility, drive and passion for creating solutions that empower and uplift. Co-founding Voice123 and Bunny Studio with Alex Torrenegra, Tania changed the voiceover industry for the better, demonstrating the power of technology to streamline creative services.

Her work extends beyond business, passionately investing in startups across the Americas, focusing on social and environmental impact. Tania’s story is a testament to being unapologetic in dreaming big.

“Mentorship has played an instrumental role in our growth, and Endeavor has consistently been there to support us.”