Welcoming Our New Endeavor Romania Fellows

Entrepreneurship is about development, about the journey, but more importantly, about camaraderie. The old English sense of the word “fellow” meant “a partner, one who shares with another.” Endeavor aims to bring together fellows who are keen to support the Romanian entrepreneurial community. Along the way, we have met the first entrepreneurs willing to make a two-year commitment to help us achieve our proposed mission.

We are thrilled to announce that four distinguished individuals have joined the Endeavor Romania Fellows Program. As Fellows, they embody the spirit and values of Endeavor, providing critical support to our entrepreneurial ecosystem. Their diverse expertise and commitment to mentorship will be instrumental in helping early-stage startup founders scale their businesses and achieve global success.

Meet Our New Fellows

Andrei is a Romanian-born technology entrepreneur based in Berlin, Germany. Throughout his career, Andrei has co-founded, advised, and developed several startup companies. Most notably, he was the Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer of LiveRail, a leading digital advertising technology company acquired by Facebook in 2014. He is currently an investor, advisor, and board member for several emerging tech companies, providing guidance on technology, business strategy, and organizational management. Andrei is also engaged with non-profit organizations focused on LGBT rights, healthcare, education, and the arts, both in San Francisco and Romania.

Miruna is a Romanian-born investor and operator based in London. She is a Principal at Heritage Holdings, a private investment platform co-founded by a global collective of prominent families and entrepreneurs. Previously, she was a Partner at SyndicateRoom’s Access, a Cambridge-based data-driven VC fund, where she invested in over 50 startups a year. Miruna actively supports the wider ecosystem by advising and collaborating with universities, tech accelerators, government programs, and other organizations. She is an Advisory Board Member at the Oxford Seed Fund, a Tutor for the (E)MBA Entrepreneurship Project at Oxford Saïd Business School, and a Forbes.com contributor covering investing, venture capital, and the startup ecosystem.

Flaviu is a Romanian-born entrepreneur based in New York City. He co-founded Troy Medicare, the first pharmacy-powered Medicare Advantage plan, and leads Troy.AI. Previously, Flaviu co-founded and was the CEO of Amplicare, a Software-as-a-Service platform used by over 10,000 pharmacies to help more than 3 million seniors save on prescriptions. Amplicare was acquired by OMCL in 2021. Flaviu’s entrepreneurial journey began after moving to the United States at the age of 14 to pursue tennis. Transitioning from sports to tech, he discovered programming and eventually founded Amplicare. Beyond his current ventures, Flaviu is an active investor in startups and co-hosts the “Founder Secrets” podcast​.

Mariel is a Romanian entrepreneur and investor known for his significant contributions to the business and startup ecosystem in Romania. As the CEO and founder of Kangoopack, Mariel has cutting-edge expertise in developing innovative packaging solutions and optimising logistics processes. Beyond his role at Kangoopack, Mariel is actively involved in supporting and mentoring emerging entrepreneurs. He is a member of the Romanian Business Leaders Foundation and the Transylvania Angels Network, where he invests in startups and participates in projects aimed at fostering entrepreneurial education and development. Mariel’s dedication to nurturing the local business community highlights his commitment to creating a vibrant and sustainable business environment in Romania.


The Impact of Our Fellows

Our Fellows are role models who inspire and energize the next generation of entrepreneurs. They play a pivotal role in selecting and mentoring high-impact entrepreneurs, promoting Endeavor’s mission within their networks, and facilitating crucial introductions. Being an Endeavor Fellow means more than just sharing knowledge and connections. The Fellows’ financial contribution to our cause is essential for sustaining our initiatives and expanding our impact, significantly supporting our overall mission.

Moreover, these Fellows exemplify the essence of paying it forward by investing in local tech entrepreneurs, fostering a culture of growth and collaboration. Their involvement sheds light on the Endeavor Multiplier Effect, a concept that highlights how successful entrepreneurs can generate a ripple effect of inspiration, investment, and innovation. This powerful dynamic is something we strive to cultivate in Romania, empowering more entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams and, in turn, to uplift the entire community.

We look forward to the transformative influence our new Fellows will bring, leveraging their professional networks to connect Endeavor companies with investors, clients, and partners. Together, we can amplify our efforts to support Romanian entrepreneurs in scaling up, going big, and giving back to the community.

Welcome to the Endeavor fellowship!

We are excited to see the impact our new Fellows will have on the Romanian entrepreneurial ecosystem. Their dedication and expertise will undoubtedly contribute to a thriving community of innovators and leaders.